JavaScript Page Scroll Tutorial and Example

Today I wrote a simple JavaScript that scrolls down the page slowly for a certain amount of time, and then goes back up to the top of the page and starts scrolling again.

<script type="text/javascript">
scrolldelay = "";
function pageScroll() {
window.scrollBy(0,1); //Scroll 1px. Makes it smoother
scrolldelay = setTimeout('pageScroll()',50); //Scroll every 50ms
function startScroll() {
scrolldelay = setTimeout('startScroll()',20000); //Repeat every 20 seconds
<body onLoad="startScroll()">
Put body text here

I used this code for a client who wanted a web page to be displayed publicly without needing to have a user do the work.

Let me know if you found this helpful!

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2 Responses to JavaScript Page Scroll Tutorial and Example

  1. Xen says:

    Dude, i actually used this at work. ty 😀

  2. rocky123 says:

    I am trying to scroll the page to certain location but i need to add the delay to it how can i do that.
    i used
    to get to that point but need to add the delay. so that it stops at that point

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