Windows 7 Review

I will open by saying I’m very impressed with Windows 7. So far, it’s been as quick as XP and feature rich as Vista. They’ve definitely got it right this time. I’m running 7 Professional x86 RTM (Release to manufacture) which isn’t out to the public yet – I got it through the MSDNA (microsoft developer network alliance) as my University is part of that alliance.

The box I’m running it on is a little old – AMD athlon64 3800 with 2gb ram, although I do have a GeForce 9800. I’ve been using XP on this box (I was finding Vista too slow) and I notice that windows 7 is very comparable in speed to XP – quite nippy indeed.

What do I like about 7?

  • The new task bar! It’s quite different to even Vista’s, as apps are organised by icons and you just hover over that app family and choose from the windows available. It’s hard to explain but it’s pretty intuitive.
  • The search indexer isn’t enabled by default – this was a big slowdown in Vista and looks like they’ve learned from that mistake.
  • The user account control is much less obtrusive – I haven’t been compelled to disable it (yet)
  • Libraries – 7 automatically manages all your stuff into libraries. Such as your music library, video library, document library etc. Makes it so easy to find things.
  • All the niceties of Vista (search from the start menu, superkey+tab, organisation of apps)
  • 8.5GB hard drive footprint – much better than the 15GB bloatware that was Vista
  • My harddrive doesn’t work it’s ass off all the time for no apparent reason (unlike Vista)
  • The system is nippy – no unnecessary lags
  • IE8 – can’t flaw it. I only use Firefox because of it’s great addons.

What I don’t like

  • For games that I had installed on XP on another partition (so I don’t need to reinstall after every format) I have to change the folder security settings to allow myself to run the game.
  • Slightly less FPS in games – EDIT: I fixed this problem, I ran windows update and it found an update for my Nforce4 pci-e bus, now my games are as fast as they were on XP
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