Jägermeister does not make you drunk

A while back I was having a nice relaxing evening with some mates, and we decided we would hit some Jägerbombs. I had 6 Jägerbombs, and one of my other friends had 10 Jägerbombs, in little more than an hour or 2. We found that we were not nearly as drunk as we expected to be, in fact we could go as far as to say that we were completely sober.

Recently I decided that I would put Jägermeister to the test once and for all, I bought a nice big bottle of the stuff and myself and a different friend went at it like Germans on a cold night. I had a couple Jägerbombs, but got bored of drinking so much red bull so I just started doing straight shots. I counted 11 shots including the Jägerbombs, in roughly 1 hour. My friend only had about 5 or 6. We then waited a while for any effect. I felt a slight effect just after doing all the shots, but it soon subsided and my friend and I could swear that we were COMPLETELY SOBER AFTER 11 SHOTS!

I did some digging into Jägermeister and found that it’s made from sugar cane, herbs and spices. It was originally intended as a cure-all (digestive problems, coughs, anasthetic) in the 2nd world war. So it makes sense that it doesn’t really make you drunk because it wasn’t intended to in the first place.

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3 Responses to Jägermeister does not make you drunk

  1. Ahmed Bahaa says:

    I agree with this blog completely.

  2. Zach Thayer says:

    hmm, but Jägermeister does fuck you up, at least me, I love its taste to xD I havent tested it though, I usually have like a million different drinks. I’ve done 15 shots of absolute in a Row and I felt sober for about 30min, then it went downhill xD

  3. Ira says:

    i thought i was the only one 😀

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