iTunes problem – certain MP3’s not importing to iTunes

Well I just found a weird problem where some of my mp3s were not being imported into iTunes – whether I added the folder or just dragged them in they were not showing up. I tested to make sure they could play in QuickTime and yes they played fine.

I found the problem – the ID3v2 tag was corrupt. What’s an ID3v2 tag? It’s just a little thing in the mp3 that tells iTunes what the name and track info the song has.
It seems iTunes absolutely hates bad ID3v2 tags (whereas every other media player gets by..)

So to fix it you need to re-write the ID3v2 tag. I used Winamp to do this:
– right click the problem mp3 in winamp
– view file info
– ID3v2 tab
– Uncheck “include ID3v2 tag in file”
– click OK

Now you can drag it into iTunes and it should work. Of course you can use some other program to edit the ID3 tag, but I didn’t feel like downloading one (just google for one, there’s millions of them out there freely available).

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4 Responses to iTunes problem – certain MP3’s not importing to iTunes

  1. Bearb4u says:

    Your welcome. 😀

  2. koras says:

    Thanks! Great solution!

  3. ksync88 says:

    Thanks very much for the fix. A huge help.

  4. techno_funky says:

    Thanks man, came here via google :)

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