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My personal travel blog

Hey, this is my travel blog…

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JavaScript Page Scroll Tutorial and Example

Today I wrote a simple JavaScript that scrolls down the page slowly for a certain amount of time, and then goes back up to the top of the page and starts scrolling again. <html> <head> <script type=”text/javascript”> scrolldelay = “”; … Continue reading

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Bullet for my Valentine – Fever

Great album for any BFMV fans, or any metal fans.

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Windows 7 Review

I will open by saying I’m very impressed with Windows 7. So far, it’s been as quick as XP and feature rich as Vista. They’ve definitely got it right this time. I’m running 7 Professional x86 RTM (Release to manufacture) … Continue reading

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Jägermeister does not make you drunk

A while back I was having a nice relaxing evening with some mates, and we decided we would hit some Jägerbombs. I had 6 Jägerbombs, and one of my other friends had 10 Jägerbombs, in little more than an hour … Continue reading

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iTunes problem – certain MP3’s not importing to iTunes

Well I just found a weird problem where some of my mp3s were not being imported into iTunes – whether I added the folder or just dragged them in they were not showing up. I tested to make sure they … Continue reading

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Explosions and Boobs

This site is awesome!

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Pi to 1 million digits

I give to you my avid readers, a little piece of the internet. Or should I say a big slice of pi. You think 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592 is alot of digits? Think again. Here is pi to 1 million digits. Yes ONE … Continue reading

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HalfLife2 Fritzl

Well I’m sure you all know about Fritzl the dude that raped his daughters in the basement etc. Well it seems HL2 predicted the story…

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Code quality

How do you know if your code is good? Have it reviewed and then record the wtfs/minute:

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